Football and the Online Betting community

Dated: 20 Mar 2018
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Almost every extended family has a football fan. There are those who follow it and there are those who play it. Culture and region do not matter. Football is a game that has united us all in our love for the sport, the players, and the exciting games.

With the dawning of every World Cup, we wait for the next competition and league. If the World Cup is an important event, the various leagues aren’t in any way less important. We watch the various club matches with as much enthusiasm as the International matches. That is the kind of sports football has become in the world.


If the term football is taken as such, it would cover all types of football. Whether its American football, rugby, soccer or Australian football, all come under the cover of the term football. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that a single game of ‘soccer’ came into formation. Since football came to be referred to different sports in different countries, soccer or association football is how we refer to football today. FIFA founded in Paris on May 21, 1904, became the international body governing association football rules.


Today, football enjoys the highest TV audience in sports. This would designate football as the most popular sports worldwide. More than 250 million players actively play football in over 200 nations. International football matches are also watched and followed everywhere in the world. This makes football the game with the greatest betting audience too. Judi online for football is also the largest compared to any other sport in the world.

Big games

If we look at the international scale, several World tournaments are organized for football. The most important amongst these would be FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, Summer Olympic Games and Summer Universiade. FA Cup or the Football Association Challenge Cup may be regarded as the most famous domestic football competition. In addition to the Champions League and UEFA Cup, many other domestic competitions are covered worldwide, just because they are football.


Since football is such a widespread game, betting on it has been prevalent since the game came into formation itself. This trend shifted online as the internet became commonplace. Today, judi online is a big source of sports gambling, particularly football gambling in the world.